Troop 501 Eagle Scouts

Andrew Jackson - 2011

Project: Recycle Bins at the World Bird Sanctuary

William "Billy" John Fisher, III - 2012

Project: Fire Truck Reading Center at Arnold Branch Library

Christopher "Blake" Hufford - 2013

Project: Flag Pole Installation and Beautification Project at New Hope United Methodist Church

Paul Morton Claeys - 2013

Project: Playground Renovation and Update; Construction and Installation of Benches at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Drew Vitello - 2014

Project: Development and Installation of interactive, 3-D, educational playground mural at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool


Congratulations to Andrew Jackson, for completing his Eagle!!! Stay tuned for details on his Eagle Court of Honor. Congratulations are also in order for Billy, who has gained approval for his Eagle project.

Fall Camporee a Success!!!

Fall camporee was yet another success! The theme was cooking around the world, and the boys prepared Stroganoff for the camp to enjoy. They had no left overs (wonder if anyone knew that was venison?)! Nathan cried a lot that evening… Never did figure out if it was because we missed the campfire show (everyone wanted to go, but the schedule was changed, and not announced), because there was no leftover venison Stroganoff, or if it was all about those onions he chopped for dinner!!! Saturday morning, Mr Hufford represented Troop 501 in grand style, as he competed against all the other scoutmasters for a shot at the pancake eating championship… He came in second, eating his two monsterously huge (and one burned) flapjacks in nearly record time, doing all he could to shove them down his throat with no syrup, butter, liquids to drink, or anything else to help it go down… Sadly the Scouts were not as victorious in eating their popsicles, preferring to lick them over eating them. Sunday morning, we got out of there, a little later than usual, but while the other troops were dining on boxed donuts and poptarts, we were feasting on home-made, er, camp-made biscuits and gravy!

As you can see, a great time was had by all! Be sure to check out the gallery for the pictures!

Fall Camporee

Please join Troop 501 for the 2011 Fall Camporee. The theme is cooking, and the Scouts of Troop 501 have planned a fantastic menu! Be sure to pack a variety of clothing appropriate for the weather. This will include warm and cool clothes, as well as rain gear. Be sure to bring your Scout Uniform!

Troop 501 Chili Supper

Troop 501’s will host its First Annual Chili Supper, on Saturday, October 29, 2011, at New Hope UMC. We will prepare the chili on-site, and have it available during the church’s Annual Trunk or Treat. We will have tickets to sell in advance, as well as during the event. The assistance of EVERY SCOUT AND HIS FAMILY are critical to the success of this event.

A planning meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2011, at 8:00 pm. Please make every effort to attend with a chili recipe to share…

As a Boy Scout Troop, we have a recurring need to purchase new equipment and fix equipment in need of repair. In order to keep costs as low as possible, Troop 501 conducts fundraisers. We have two types of fundraisers: Troop fundraisers, and individual fundraisers. Profits from Troop fundraisers directly support the troop, itself, and participation IS MANDATORY. Profits (or a portion thereof) from Individual fundraisers, such as wreath and popcorn sales, fund individual Scout accounts. The Chili Supper is a Troop fundraiser, and therefore, participation is mandatory.

Pizza Orders Due

Scout Families: Pizza orders are due Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at meeting. Please bring your orders and money to Troop Meeting, this evening. Remember, every Scout was asked to sell 20 pizzas, to help us fund our Chili super, later, on October 29, 2011.

Thanks for all your support, and that of your parents, as well!