Troop 501 Eagle Scouts

Andrew Jackson - 2011

Project: Recycle Bins at the World Bird Sanctuary

William "Billy" John Fisher, III - 2012

Project: Fire Truck Reading Center at Arnold Branch Library

Christopher "Blake" Hufford - 2013

Project: Flag Pole Installation and Beautification Project at New Hope United Methodist Church

Paul Morton Claeys - 2013

Project: Playground Renovation and Update; Construction and Installation of Benches at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Drew Vitello - 2014

Project: Development and Installation of interactive, 3-D, educational playground mural at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Troop 501 Uniform Policy

In recognition of the fact that every family’s financial situation is different, and wishing to include any boy that wishes to participate in the Scouting program, it is Troop 501’s policy to have the following Uniform requirements:

The Official Troop 501 Uniform shall include:

1. The Official BSA Uniform Shirt (long or short sleeved) with all required patches and badges sewn in the appropriate positions;

2. The Troop 501 Neckerchief;

3. The Troop 501 Woggle, or approved substitute, usually hand-carved;

4. Official BSA Uniform pants or shorts, or green khaki or cargo pants or shorts, or blue jeans or blue jean shorts in good repair;

5. Official BSA Uniform belt, or brown leather belt;

6. Official BSA Uniform socks, or green, black, or white socks;

7. Hiking boots or shoes, or brown or black leather shoes;

8. Campaign hat for First Class Scouts and above, with appropriate rank insignia (not permitted for lower ranks).

The troop will endeavor to keep “Uniform Closet,” of “retired” uniforms that Scouts may have outgrown. It is requested that each family donate uniform pieces when they no longer fit, or are no longer used. Also, if Uniform parts are found at thrift stores, garage sales, or the like, it is requested that the item be purchased and donated to the Uniform Closet.

Eagle Board of Review Procedures

Important NEW Information for


Chairman of the Eagle Board: Mr. Gary Hartmann

Phone Number: 636-937-0155 (leave a message);
Date: LAST Thursday of the Month;
Location: St Luke’s United Church of Christ, Imperial, Mo.

Procedures And Expectations:

*SCOUT will call at least 10 days in advance for appointment.

*SCOUTMASTER (Unit Leader) is requested to attend with Scout to introduce them and serve as an observer.

*SCOUT will be expected to be in FULL uniform (Class A Shirt, troop neckerchief/slide, uniform pants, BSA belt, clean shoes/boots-preferably brown leather, sash is optional) if the scout does not have these items – borrow them.


*Board reviewers will now be scheduled to ensure each team has enough reviewers. To volunteer for future boards, please sign up at roundtable or e-mail Gary at

Electronics, Gadgets, and Phones… Oh, My!

Due to the expense of replacing today’s high-tech gadgets, cell phones, hand-held gaming devices, and other electronics, as well as the distractions they cause, these devices are not allowed on Troop 501 campouts and outings. If a Scout brings a cell phone to a campout, it will be held by the Scoutmaster, or designee, during the campout. It will be returned to the Scout upon departure from the event, so that calls can be made to arrange for transportation. At no time, will a Scout be allowed to use his own, or another Scout’s cell phone during a campout or outing. In case of emergency, the cell phone of an adult leader will by utilized.