Troop 501 Eagle Scouts

Andrew Jackson - 2011

Project: Recycle Bins at the World Bird Sanctuary

William "Billy" John Fisher, III - 2012

Project: Fire Truck Reading Center at Arnold Branch Library

Christopher "Blake" Hufford - 2013

Project: Flag Pole Installation and Beautification Project at New Hope United Methodist Church

Paul Morton Claeys - 2013

Project: Playground Renovation and Update; Construction and Installation of Benches at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Drew Vitello - 2014

Project: Development and Installation of interactive, 3-D, educational playground mural at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Hackers Be Gone!!!

You may have noticed that the website was hacked, earlier this week. After spending countless hours educating myself, closing some holes, and fixing the site, including restoring all of the broken pages, images, documents, and links, I think that we are now back in full business. Why some little punk from Malaysia thought that would be cute to hack our website, I have no idea. However, I hope that when “Nero Smith” needs help, there is a Boy Scout there to lend him a hand. Maybe, just maybe, what he did to our website will come to mind. I have also installed some deep-level security measures on the web server. Hopefully, we’ll never see Nero, or his buddies again!

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