Troop 501 Eagle Scouts

Andrew Jackson - 2011

Project: Recycle Bins at the World Bird Sanctuary

William "Billy" John Fisher, III - 2012

Project: Fire Truck Reading Center at Arnold Branch Library

Christopher "Blake" Hufford - 2013

Project: Flag Pole Installation and Beautification Project at New Hope United Methodist Church

Paul Morton Claeys - 2013

Project: Playground Renovation and Update; Construction and Installation of Benches at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Drew Vitello - 2014

Project: Development and Installation of interactive, 3-D, educational playground mural at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

September 20-22 Campout Change

In double-checking our reservations for Saint Francois State Park for our September 20-22 campout, I was disappointed to learn that due to an error, we did not, in fact, have the Scout campsite reserved. As disappointing as this was, especially as everyone was looking forward to the autumn colours and perhaps a refreshing dip in the Big River, we had to locate a new site. With only three weeks left until the campout, most of the state parks were booked (though I didn’t try Washington, as we’ll be backpacking, there, in November); and I was starting to look at the Saint Louis County Parks. On a whim, I decided to call back the number for Taum Sauk Mountain and Johnson’s Shut-Ins, one more time, even though the line had been busy for the previous two hours. Sure enough, the Scout campsite that they felt could accommodate our group was already booked at Johnson’s Shut-Ins, and the representative felt that the Scout site at Taum Sauk Mountain would be too rough for the Webelos that would be joining us. However, in a serendipitous twist of fate, she offered us the two smaller Scout campsites at Johnson’s Shut-Ins, which are separated only by a few red cedars, and for the same price – only $2 per person, per night. She also suggested that we visit Elephant Rocks State Park, while we are there, and reminded me to bring our swim trunks… Looks like this is going to be an even better campout than we had hoped for! Be sure to tell all your friends, this will be a great opportunity for new boys to join us for the event, and see how Troop 501 rocks it out (literally)! Please note that in order to accommodate for the longer drive, and the fact that most of us have never been there (and would rather get lost with daylight, rather than without), we will be leaving at 5:30 pm.

Johnson's Shut-Ins

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