Troop 501 Eagle Scouts

Andrew Jackson - 2011

Project: Recycle Bins at the World Bird Sanctuary

William "Billy" John Fisher, III - 2012

Project: Fire Truck Reading Center at Arnold Branch Library

Christopher "Blake" Hufford - 2013

Project: Flag Pole Installation and Beautification Project at New Hope United Methodist Church

Paul Morton Claeys - 2013

Project: Playground Renovation and Update; Construction and Installation of Benches at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Drew Vitello - 2014

Project: Development and Installation of interactive, 3-D, educational playground mural at New Hope United Methodist Church's Preschool

Summer Camp Reminders…

Just a few Summer Camp Reminders:

We are leaving Saint John’s immediately at 11:30 – Make sure that Scouts have eaten lunch. The first meal we will eat at camp will be supper. Parents are responsible for picking boys up, at camp, Sunday morning, around 9:30 am.

Physicals must be completed, and completed on the Official Scout Form: Annual Health and Medical Record, and presented before departure for camp.

Make sure Swimming Trunks, Towel, and Water Shoes/Sandals are packed on the top of Scout’s tote, as Medical Re-checks and swimming test are first order of business.

Don’t forget bug repellant and sunscreen!

Be sure to review the packing/equipment list with your son. There is a copy of the list in both the Scout and Parent Packets. These and other Summer Camp forms and documents can be found on the Summer Camp pages. Boys need to be sure to bring a WATER BOTTLE, chair, plate/bowl and eating utensils, hiking boots or other appropriate footwear.

It is going to be a hot week. We encourage Scouts to drink as often as possible, and have found that having Kool-Aid, or other flavored drink mix helps to keep the boys coming back for more hydration. If parents would like to donate drink mix, or money for ice, it would be greatly appreciated. We have a 5 gallon Igloo we keep filled (two drink mix cans will fill the igloo).

Phones, hand held gaming devices, electronics, and other gadgets are prohibited. In case of emergency, camp staff can be reached at 573/756-5738. We are at Camp Gamble, on Weisman Campsite.

Family Night is Thursday night, and begins at 5:00 pm. Parents are invited to come down, check out camp, share a few stories, and watch the Order of the Arrow Call-Out Ceremony. Boys always appreciate “care packages” of cookies, ice cream, ice-cold soda, and other goodies. Please bring “smellables” (edible goods that can be smelled by critters – racoons, skunks, etc) in critter-proof containers such as a dry cooler, and be sure to bring chairs and flashlights for yourselves.

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